Fastest Most Accurate Rapid Testing Available


  • Rapid Covid-19 Testing at 3 Rivers Pharmacy is the most accurate testing available.  

  • The Antibody test is 97.1% accurate and the Antigen test is 98-99% accurate.

  • Most rapid antigen tests on the market can have up to 40% false negative results.

Antibody Test

Antigen Test


Test for IgG/IgM Antibodies

This test is a quick finger stick test to find out in just minutes  if you have the antibodies to protect against COVID-19.

   Test for Actual Virus

This nasal swab test that takes just minutes is 99% accurate as compared to the RT-PCR Test.

Moderna Vaccine

Coming Soon.

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Why Visit 3 Rivers Pharmacy for your COVID-19 Testing?

Fast results and drive thru available
Accurate, most trusted tests
Keep your family and
co-workers safe

Covid-19 Testing Fort Wayne Indiana

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I see symptoms of Covid-19 in myself?

If you are observing symptoms of Covid-19 in yourself or someone else, then it is best to get a Covid test done as soon as possible and take all the precautionary measures recommended by the relevant authorities. At our center, we do offer a walk-in facility to everyone, but to make it more convenient and safe, you can call to make an appointment to get the Covid test done as soon as possible. And the same day COVID testing in Fort Wayne, we also provide the fastest and accurate rapid testing results that you can take from the center or get it sent to your mail or on SMS.

Is it safe to visit COVID 19 Testing Fort Wayne, Indiana center to get the test done?

At our COVID-19 testing Fort Wayne center, we make sure that regular sanitization is done and all the precautionary measures are strictly followed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus and keep the area as much as safe as we can.

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